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Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone!!!

So today I would like to share some nice story about my trip during Malaysia Indenpence Day holiday. The trip date was 31/8/2016 Wednesday. I plan this trip to Malacca. So let look at the simple brief about my journey.

at  6.30 a.m
I woke up, took shower and fajr prayer.

7.30 a.m
I depart from Educational Institution Quarters In Kampong Jawa, Klang. I had searched on google map and I found that the journey will take approximately about 2 hours 5 minutes or 168 km from Kampung Jawa to Malacca.

9.00 a.m
I go to a bathroom and took breakfast at Ayer Keroh Rest Station and ate Nasi Lemak with Nescafe Tarik cost me about RM5.10. Since that, I felt tired and back ache so I decided had some chair massage cost about RM3.00 for 15 minutes.

9.10 a.m
I refill petrol RM20.00 because I am quite afraid there is no petrol station in front, so I just prepared full tank. Then, I continued drove my car.

12.30 p.m
I arrived at The Shore situated in Malacca City. The car park is free but the way to the car park quite scaring since it is a cliff path located at the fourth level.

1.00 p.m
We had our lunch at The Shore Sky Deli. I had Bull's eye Steak RM59.00 with Iced Lemon Tea RM9.00 and she had a Pollock's Chips RM25.00 with Ice Lemon Tea. Then, we ate an Oreo Cheese Cake slice RM10.00 as an appetizer since she seemed no mood to eat. We have very nice view from the restaurant where we can see the Strait of Malacca and there was some hotel construction in progress I guess.

2.30 p.m
We finished our lunch and then we went to The Shore Sky Tower that took a cost RM50.00 for two persons. I took the photos of the view of the Malacca City around the Strait of Malacca using my newly bought self-stick selfies a.k.a monopod. I noticed that The Shore is close to Kampung Morten the early residences during the Malacca Sultanate. Apart from that, at there we can see other building which is The Swiss-Garden Hotel with a very nice futuristic roof like an alien symbol.

2.45 p.m
We don't take much time stay up there because it is hot afternoon weather and plus haze so we felt very sweaty so I bought her some mineral water. Next, we perform zuhr prayer at prayer room situated at level 3A car park near the management office. I decided to take her to The Shore Oceanarium costing about RM80.60 (RM35.00 per person) including some souvenir and feeding package RM10.60 for turtles.

3.30 p.m
I reach the Strait of Malacca after some traffic congestion then I park my car beside of the Ship Museum. Then I went to the ticket counter for river cruise the fee for 2 persons was RM31.60. The cruise had taken about 45 minutes with a brief description by the tourist guide around the strait and my advice please don't seat at the front of the boat because you will be hitted by the boat's water splash.

4.30 p.m
Finished our cruise tour I accompany my friend to perform asar prayer and the prayer room just located in front of the ship museum which is on the second floor but I couldn't remember that building name which selling Kebaya Nyonya Shirts and some craftsmanship.

7.30 p.m
At the Pasar Asam Pedas, we need to pay RM1.10 per entry.

8.00 p.m
I went back to my place at the Kampung Jawa Klang and arrived at 10.00 p.m. My advice is if you are planning a trip like this you should take two days plus a hotel for accommodation. Total cost for this trip is approximately RM400.00 per two persons. So that all the story for my trip to Malacca I hope you can have some information for your guidance. Thank You.

Wan Mohd Faizal ®
Wan Mohd Faizal ®

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