Does Allah Exist

One day a German girl walking pass through a man who is selling book alongside the road and they are having a dialogue that helps the girl answering the question that she searching for a lifetime.

A German Girl: “If there is a God, why does he do things which I actually don’t understand? Why do people suffer?

A Man: Right yeah,

A German Girl: “and then you can’t answer, it’s difficult to answer

A Man: Right yeah, well actually is not really difficult if you think about it yeah, I usually when people tell me that okay what about suffering yeah. My usual responses okay lets for one minute says that there is no creator.

A German Girl: Yes, you believe in Allah. I think your concept the picture of God. God is a judge.

A Man: Well actually if you take the concept it is actually found in Quran in chapter one hundred and twelve 112 where it says Allay is one, internal and absolute Allah not he does not give birth and is born, there is none like the creator Allah. So you see whatever we can conceive of cannot be the creator so by the definition and it’s made sense here as you said if you look at the natural world whatever reason the natural world has limited the universe itself is limited yeah according to the scientists it had it beginning. According to the scientist is going to end one day by definition anything is limited cannot give you the full answer. You have to seek it somewhere else.

A German Girl: Anything about the suffering?

A Man: Yup, as I said the suffering if you for one minute take God out of the picture, is there suffering? If an atheist does look in the world an atheist who does not believe in God is there suffering in the world according to him? Yes, there is. How can you explain that? Because if you think about it logically the very fact that we are limited entities automatically means that we're going to have things which we will not like.

A German Girl: Yes

A Man: By definition, so for example, if I ask you to stretch your arm out if I try to push any further what will happen?

A German Girl: It will break, but they said if there was a god he would avoid suffering he would come down and sad “stop, you can’t do this!” but he doesn’t do. They say yeah

A Man: Agreed, that’s what they said because they lack understanding because if you think about it is very logical if you are saying if there was a god he will do x, y, and z. Who says he would do x, y, and z?

A German Girl: I don’t quite understand.

A Man: I repeat if an example they said that if there is god why he is allowing suffering? Who that?

A German Girl: They said he should interfere.

A Man: But who says he should interfere?

A German Girl: People who think.
A Man: You are absolutely right it people who think. But they’re only thinking and there is where flaws in their reasoning because by the definition for you to fully understand why if the creator is not interfering you have to obtain the answer by the creator logical. But if you seat under a tree and keep saying why there is suffering if there is god why? You can do that but you defeating yourself because you are not seeking the answers and logic dictates the fact that we are limited entities it automatically means they are we going to think which we will disapprove of. But who told you God must be thinking? How do we know this? You see we will find it’s due to what we think based on the experience that we had the discussion with other people. But the final analysis. You will find the logic here. It has to be this. There was a force unknown force/energy that started with the universe anything in the universe that's contained by the definition is limited if there is anything beyond the universe by definition is not limited. Now Logic dictates that the thing that is superior and the thing that is inferior logic dictates that the inferior cannot make the decision on what superior is. Unless the superior communicate with the inferior logical isn’t it. So the first question that all to be ask and answer is there is a creator? If there is a creator what communication if any has taken place between the two because by the definition the creator is superior and so it only logical that the creator communicate with man and humanity and tells humanity what’s everything is about? That is Islamic position.

A German Girl: What’s my duty on earth?

A Man: Now for us to know that, we need to know what the creator has told us, what our                       duty on earth

A German Girl: and this is a different book?

A Man: it may be different but if you look at them and study them you will find there all giving exactly the same message so for example if you look at the bible as an example yeah not only in the 10 commandments. But the fist thinks that The Mousses said in the book of the Deuteronomy in one of the bibles he “He said Listen to me, o Israel, the lord of our God the god is one” yeah Jesus Christ he also said in the new testament. Now you look at the prophets Muhammad he said also he is the one if you take all the prophets they all said “Ahud” meaning one. So if they all said that then we need also address exactly what the communication was. Now what the Quran says is that there is simply all the previous prophets whatever they brought the Quran has collected all the information here and I on the logical basis and I’m very confident and tell anybody that if you want to read this yes the question that you ask about the suffering etc. You will find the answers to in here. And I don’t when I discussing with people I never tell them that I tell you because I’m human being like you I rather than the creator talks to you directly isn’t that more logical.

A German Girl: and then the Hindus’ and the Buddhist are not right because they don’t think God is one?

A Man: What I would suggest if you read their books you will find what they think and believe is not what the book that what I am actually saying. But you look at the book they agree all that is an amazing thing but it requires study it requires an objective mind, unfortunately, we human we very prejudice. I have established through evident there is a creator intellectually exactly but now I need to know if there are a creator and the creator been superior to me I need to know what the creator has sent me here for I cant made my mind just by thinking I am very clever because I know I will end up with the wrong answer.

A German Girl: and then you ask him every day, “What you want from me?

A Man: I don’t ask I don’t need to because the guidance in here is already available for exactly what why I am here what I need to do in other words it is like this the Mercedes Benz you know this very expensive one now they come with instruction booklet what for? Why there instruction book together?

A German Girl    : for been able to conduct it

A Man                  : To make sure that you drive it properly and make most of it. Now isn’t it logical that the creator gives you an instruction booklet for you to drive yourself properly and that is what he is done with the Quran

A German Girl    : Okay, yeah.

A Man                  : And I hope that is very clear.

Faizal Nasir
Faizal Nasir

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