5 Lessons Learned From Aussie Trip

 5 Good sides


1. Very helpful – The first situation, this happens when my wife and I searching for information at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne where one old guy comes near us asking “You look having a problem can I help you?” the old guy with short pants, white hair, and tall offering help. In the end, he also doesn’t know what differences between the Myki card pass with Myki card money. The second situation, when we try to find the best Telco for our mobile phone, one girl around mid-40 who is a cashier come to us and offer to assist us by telling all coverage is the same this happens at Wuirn Pond Shopping Centre in Geelong. In the third situation, after landing at Avalon Airport in Lara we met with the information counter people and there is an old man who is a volunteer enthusiastically explaining the best roadway, the interesting places must visit with over-describe the place such as he said Wuirn Pond is the giant mall in Geelong whereby for us is it like Econsave in Slim River no so big, he said you don’t go anywhere meanwhile he searching for other information it's quite clear and too much.

2. Quite generous – always greeting “How are you?” nice, good and continuously wishing have a nice day!

3. Talking very clear and straight to the point – First situation, when we returning the rent car I just asking the woman that I had made the payment before I come to Perth and the Woman clearly stating that “ We don’t receive any payment before pickup” with a steady face. In the second situation, we just stop by bus and headed toward Comfort City hotel to check in on the way there is a homeless guy looks drunk and messy throwing the beer Bootle at the back of the shop and suddenly one guy bald head asking him to throw in the dust bin and there are bickering and the homeless guy swearing fucking shit and everything, other people just ignore and pass by and said “He shouldn’t fight with the homeless’. If you taking the wrong side way road they will directly reprimand you.

4. Hilarious – our tourist guide during Philips Island tour explaining with a joke that the Aboriginal changing with the mines people their land around 80 acres just for few mine and he said The Aboriginal, of course, doesn’t know what they’re talking about. At the Pinnacle Desert the entrance guide receiving a smiley emoticon from her friend that guard at Yanchep National Park. She said, “Ohh I know this smiley, it means the second entry is free and I got no money.”

5. Good at Facial Expression – This happens on the great ocean road, there is a towing lorry block the road to tow broken down car. The guy with a beard, quite chubby using his hand showing 1 minute with his lip said 1 minutes and he works very fast and expertly.

About System

1. Most of the labor workers are among Australian people I had never seen, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Bangladesh or Indonesian

2. The goods price quite standardize – even though at a certain expensive places like airports the price for goods has their own maximum price.

3. The highway has no toll but not a rest station for the toilet or etc. so it has pro and cons

4. The government try to prioritize their product by claiming 100% made from Australia or at least stated Made in China Design by Australia

5. Australia is the third-largest beef exporter after India and Brazil.

About Nature and landscape environment

1. Very vast continent – most coastlines quite fertile but the center Uluru is desert and dried

2. Beautiful scenery variety like Great ocean road and Indian Ocean drive

3. Lot of Nature Park calmly peaceful places such as Yanchep National Park

4. Lot of exotic animal live wildly such as white parrot, Quokkas, kangaroo, wallabies you can see them everywhere even in the cities.

5. It's a windy country, they have wind turbines.



5 Bad sides


1. Love to sunbathe without using sunblock – they're having a lot of skin cancer people since the long sunlight during the day almost 14 hours a day.

2. Talking loudly – disturbing other people attention

3. Laidback lifestyle relax, no hurry, medium-size houses with roller shutter car garage connecting to house, the road not so many cars. Fewer people. I have not seen many people in Geelong, Port Campbell even in the mall.

4. Big belly and quite obese 67.4% 21st ranking in the world behind the US and New Zealand maybe they like fish and chip a lot

5. Love to drunk – present of beer shop or wine plantation.



1. Education system the Australia student-facing declining in PISA 2018 test

2. Australia implementing 10% GST

3. Higher cost of living even the house

4. Public transport quite haywire

5. Lot of immigrant like Chinese in big cities.



Nature and landscape

1. Australia facing catastrophic bush fire during summer and its threatening life and things such as houses

2. Since the country is a too big therefore rural area having less public transport such as high speed train, no underground or subway station seen.

3. During summer it’s too hot almost reaching 40 degrees. Clear skies with less cloud.

4. Flat terrain especially coastline no tall trees are seen

5. They will be facing haze every year due to bush burning




Faizal Nasir
Faizal Nasir

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