MARA Teacher's Interview Preparation Checklist

Since tommorow is the 2nd session for position of “Guru MARA” here i just want to remind myself n my beloved friends what’s the crucial things to do in order to make sure you’re well prepared, 

So, here’s the things you should check twice:

1.     Make sure resume are infront of all certificates that have been arranged according to it level.

2.     Try to get an overview for all topics in your  subject area.

3.     An extra infomation about your teaching theories n also infomation about applied job organization background.

4.     Complete the application form.

5.     Make sure all listed documents needed are bind together or put in the envelop.

6.     Since that first appearence are important, groom yourself nicely n get well dressed.

7.     Bring your own complete stationery such as marker pen or so on.

8.     Please make sure softcopy of your passport picture  is prepared.

9.     Set in the mind to smile n during the interview session speak clearly.

10.  Last but not least make sure you are elaborating from A to Z in any issue that have been given to you n assumming the interviewer didn’t know anything.

P/S: Hopefully...tommorow we all are can passed this interview with flying colors .....all the best!!!
Wan Mohd Faizal ®
Wan Mohd Faizal ®

Ini adalah biografi ringkas penulis artikel. Faizal Nasir guru Sains dan Matematik sekolah menengah. Beliau telah berkhidmat selama 8 tahun di 4 buah sekolah. Berkelulusan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pendidikan Sains dan Ijazah Sarjana Pendidikan Kimia (UPSI). Artikel ini pandangan peribadi penulis dan tidak mencerminkan pendirian mana-mana pihak.

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