No. 1 True Story About Being Malaysian Teachers

Before I start, let I tell you a little bit about why I am sharing this story. I am a secondary school science and mathematics teacher who has been serving with Malaysia government school since 2012. So it has been 8 years teaching and some of my students are already get married. Okay back to the topic, been teacher is never been easy as you taught as whereby teaching starting at 7.20 am and end up at 1.00 pm. It is not that way, teaching not only involving mouth to speak but it is involving emotional aspect as well as intelectual aspect. As intelectual aspect, a teacher should understood first the content of syllabe that he or she going to teach with appropriate lesson plan for specific classroom. Which mean, a teacher should really competent at the level of creation if we refer to revised version of Taxonomy Bloom Anderson. Why I say so, because you gonna teach at least 30 students with a different background of prior knowledge been nurtured by different socio-economic income of family using standard timeline set by Ministry of Education, as a teacher they should finishing curriculum at the end of the year by achieving target at least student can pass exam or reach level 3 from 6 which is knowing and understand the content of subject. Hence, it is crucial for teacher to master the subject content so they can simplify the teaching content and can differentiate teaching suit with their student learning ability to achive learning outcome set up for each class through formative and summative evaluation. As emotional aspect, usually there are 3 level of student and the pattern is quite similar with all schools regardless its location either its rural school or urban school even between high performance school with low performance school. Level 1 is a good student, level 2 is a moderate and the level 3 is a weak student. As emotional aspect that I want to say is level 3 student where the student always need extra motivation and lot of patience, these students always need to be remind with their homework, generally missing their work book, talkative and hard to stay focus for long term. Because of that, heart-touched approach where tackling their inner soul is believed as one of effective strategy for example small group work 2 or 3 students face to face teaching with counselling briefly explaining them the path for their future like carrier persuasion and setting goal in their life what is really matter how to change their family life and so on. Since the students has difficulty in reading, working part-time, drowsy in the class, not having breakfast and coming from poor family with low awareness about how important school is. Apart form that, level 3 student is also having truancy and school drop-out issue. In the view point of teacher, it is really challenging teaching this level 3 student, as you are require special kind of lesson strategy to ensure student achieving the lesson outcome. Special approach needed through try and error method, experimenting teaching lesson or asking advice from more senior teacher provide insight how you can handle this student. As conclusion, intensive and comprehensive approach involving learning recovery and follow-up exercises that can empower the student's skill is what is needed at the same time rescue as much as possible student to pass the examination. So its involving lot of commitment and time spend. These are the few of true stories to be a teacher in Malaysia government school revealed to making clear what is happening in real and I believe lot more to be tell especially about sacrifice and extra time used by the teachers to handle student or classroom management matters. So let us together  respect teachers profession.
Faizal Nasir
Faizal Nasir

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